Minneapolis Toy Library – South and Northeast Minneapolis locations.

After a very successful Give to the Max last November, the Northeast Minneapolis location is on a roll! Teresa and Abby got busy right away with toy inventory and space inquires. With only a month or so looking for a space, they have found a temporary home at Art Your Way Studio. They have since set up shelves for easier browsing and have had many new and old members come through. We are very excited to continue growing our presence in this neighborhood.

As we operate 2 locations we get some questions on our operations, so we’d like to answer some of those here.

Can I return my toys at either location? YES! Like a book library, you can return or borrow toys from either location when you are a member.

What are the hours at both locations? Our hours are always posted on our site (under hours), so visit for information on each locations hours as they can differ.

Are both locations accepting toy donations? YES! Walk in anytime we are open and drop off toy donations.

Where will the NE toy library be permanently? We have not found a permanent location yet, but are working hard trying to find that perfect location. If you have any references for a space in the NE Mpls area, please email mplstoylibraryne@gmail.com.

Let us know if you have any questions either to the ladies in S Mpls mplstoylibrary@gmail.com or the ladies in NE Mpls mplstoylibraryne@gmail.com. Thank you!