We made our first Give to the Max goal!!

This morning we crossed our $3,000 Give to the Max goal!! Woo hoo! We are grateful for all the support from the community and donors. This money will go directly to purchasing barcode tools, point of sale system, and computer/printer for the NE branch. With this taken care of they will be able to get off on the right foot. When the current location (South branch as we’ll call it) opened we didn’t have any of these fancy things. Going back and barcoding over 4,000 toys is a lot of work. Glad they won’t have to do that and can put their time into making the library better and better!

Our new goal is to raise another $3,000 to help pay for the rent of a permanent space. This is our biggest hurdle right now. To find the perfect space we may have to pay more than anticipated. We are devoted to this NE location and won’t let that stand in our way. With your help this will ease our rent concerns. With most of the day still left at the time of this post, we know we can do it! Let’s go!

Please consider donating today!

Thank you!

Rebecca Nutter

Executive Director