Membership FAQs

Minneapolis Toy Library Membership FAQs

Toy Care

All toys are the responsibility of the member while on loan.  Members are asked to treat the toys and packaging with care and return the toys in their bags/boxes in a clean and dry condition.

What if I can’t find the original packaging the toy came in?

We have plenty of ziplock bags, which is usually what the toys are kept in, but if you can spare one we would greatly appreciate it.

What if a toy is damaged while we are borrowing it?

If the toy is damaged beyond repair we will ask that you either buy a replacement of that toy or pay what it would cost for us to buy it.  If a part is damaged that is determined by a toy library to not affect it’s ability to go back on the shelf, no charge will be required.

What if we lose a piece to the toy?

This varies.  If you lose one Duplo block, most likely this does not affect its return to the shelf.  However, if you have lost a Magna tile or a piece to a puzzle, we will assess a fee or ask you to pay to replace it.  We also allow members to return a toy with the missing piece and continue to look for the lost piece at home. We ask that you keep us informed on the progress of finding it.

How are the toys cleaned?

It is the responsibility of the member to clean the toy before returning it.  All members receive a spray bottle filled with a cleaning solution of vinegar and water.  Either spray on the toy directly or use a cloth to wipe the toys down.  We do not refill the cleaning solution.  

How long can I check out the toys?

Our borrowing period is 2-4 weeks.  After four weeks, a late fee of $1 (total) will be requested.

What if I can’t return the toys during the open hours?

Plan ahead by dropping them off during an open time before your due date. Otherwise you can keep the materials and pay the late fee when we return them.  At this time, we cannot renew your toys via email.

Can my child play with the toys while at the toy library?

Yes!  We encourage this so you know that you are taking home a toy that your child will enjoy.  We ask that you help your child put the toys back on the correct shelf if they do not choose to take them home.


Who can be a member of the toy library?

You don’t need to live in Minneapolis to have a membership.  Any person over 18 of a family can be a member of the library.

What’s included in a membership?

* A year long membership for access to thousands of toys appropriate for children 0 – 5 years.

* Spray bottle with non-toxic cleaning solution

* Becoming part of a growing community that cares about their children and the environment.

Are there volunteer opportunities with the toy library?

Yes!  We need volunteers to staff our lending events (open hours).  Sign up here!  We also would love to hear from you if you have a skill that you think the library could benefit from, such as a photographer, woodworker, or social media expert. Talk to a toy librarian to learn more.

If I volunteer, can I get a discount on a year long membership?

Yes!  You can purchase a volunteer membership (either new member or renewing family) for $20.  You need to volunteer at 4 lending events for that membership year – that’s it!