How do I become a member?

FIRST – Find an open time on our hours page. We are open year round!

THEN -At the toy library you can fill out the membership form and pay your membership fee.  Yearly membership fees are based on a sliding scale, $40-$100. We encourage members to pay the fee that feels most comfortable for their family.  Anything above $40 helps the toy library with paying for other expenses such as rechargeable batteries, new toys, replacement parts. This can be paid by cash, check, or credit.

LAST – Browse our inventory to select up to five toys to bring home the day you join!  Toys are due 4 weeks later, however come as often as you wish.

If the membership fee is hindering you from becoming a member, you can apply for a scholarship, which can help reduce the membership fee for your family.  The application can be filled out at the library or here.


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What members are saying…

We absolutely LOVE the toy library. Membership is worth every penny. – Kate Simpson The toy library helps our family save money, reduce materialism and waste, build community, and accommodate the changing interests and needs of our children. We give gift certificates as gifts to all the parents we know. – Kathryn Spotts

The toy library is amazing!! I strongly recommend checking it out! My girls love getting the new goodies each time and it makes my heart happy to know that we don’t have the keep the toys around our house forever! I hate clutter and owning too much stuff so this is perfect for our lifestyle. Thanks to the lovely ladies who started and run this great operation! – Erin Ley

This is a great option for gently used toy donations. My kids can still play with the items when we check them out, but I don’t have to store them! – Tess Young