Toy Inventory

Where does our inventory come from?

Our toys come in as donations, bought second hand, or bought new. The new toys have mostly come from Amazon and local toy makers.  When buying new we try to purchase toys that are made in an eco friendly way.  We love certain toy makers such as Green Toys, Tegu, Ever Earth, and HAPE to name a few.  If the toys were purchased second hand they are inspected for safety and washed thoroughly before becoming part of our “community toy box.”

We are also passionate about “recycling” toys by offering them another chance at life, in the hands of young children.  These may be from families with children who have outgrown them or child care centers that are looking at purging some of their materials. We take those toys, even if it’s just a couple plastic jungle animals, and we put them together with other cast off jungle animals and VOILA, we have a complete set of animals that are ready for more play time!

What does our inventory look like?

We have thousands of toys in our collection. Our inventory is separated into these categories.  We have given you some ideas for what fall into these categories in parentheses:

  • Board games (games for 2 years and older, card games, Guess Who, Monopoly, we love HABA and Peaceable Kingdom games)
  • Blocks (magnetic blocks, DUPLOS, LEGOS, soft blocks, wooden ABC blocks, Lincoln Logs)
  • Dramatic Play (dolls, animals, cash register, doctor kit, doll houses, lawn mowers, costumes, Barbies, super heroes)
  • Fine Motor (stacking rings, lacing cards, stamp set, pop up toys, magnetic mazes)
  • Literacy (letter word building sets, soft books, chalk boards, ABC magnets, picture magnets, electronic letter sound toys, storytelling toys, CD letter/outside/home sound BINGO games)
  • Large Motor (trikes, sleds, snow igloo building toy, snowball makers, slides, trampolines, push toys, tunnels, Bilbos, balls, infant baby gyms, pull toys/push toys, balance boards, hoola hoops, rocking horses, bowling sets, garden tools, water play toys, sprinklers)
  • Math/Cognitive (shape sorters, memory games, geometric shape toys, clocks, busy boxes for infants learning to stand, color games, number toys)
  • Manipulative (Tinkertoys, baby snap beads, bristle blocks, K’Nex, connectagons)
  • Music (drums, guitars, floor keyboards, music tables, shakers, electronic music toys, xylophones, tambourines)
  • Puzzles (large knob puzzles with 3 pieces, small knob puzzles, 6 piece up to 100 piece puzzles, nesting blocks, latch and lock busy boards, floor puzzles)
  • Science/Sensory (baby toys, bath toys, microscopes, marble runs, insects, binoculars, camping sets, magnifying glasses)
  • Vehicles (firetrucks, buses, helicopters, seaplanes, handmade wooden vehicles, car ramps, train tracks, pull back cars, police cars)
  • Toy Library Kits – trip kits and birthday kits for birthday parties

Curious what toys we wish we had? Jump over to our wishlist to see what we are dreaming of adding to the inventory. Help us keep play fun by purchasing something and sending to the toy library. Thanks!

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