Recycling Programs

These recycling efforts are available to members of the toy library only.

Recycling efforts at both Minneapolis Toy Library locations:

Crayons via The Crayon Initiative
Broken crayons, whole crayons, wrappers on okay

Oral Care products via Terracycle
toothbrushes, deodorant containers and caps, toothpaste tubes and caps, soap packaging, floss containers

Squeeze pouches via Terracycle
Squeeze pouches must be empty, clean, and dry and have caps

Broken toys via Terracycle
Electronic toys, puzzle pieces, plastic & metal figurines, playing cards, remote control vehicles, board games, plush toys, flexible packaging accepted. Any toy broken beyond repair.

Writing utensils via Terracycle
All brand accepted. Glue stick tubes, marker and caps, highlighter and caps, pens and caps, mechanical pencils and packaging, watercolor containers, pens and packaging accepted. Wite-Out and free ink markers not accepted.

Snack/Candy wrappers via Terracycle
Flexible packaging and blister packs, no paper-based wrappers