South Minneapolis Branch

Richfield Lutheran Church
8 West 60th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Entry & Parking

Access through doors on 60th Street WEST.  Go down the stairs directly into the toy library.
Please park in the church parking lots.  Below is an image of the correct place to park when coming to the toy library.  Also, do not park on the side of the street, closest to our sidewalk.


Northeast Minneapolis Branch

2600 Johnson St NE

Minneapolis, MN 55418

The streets highlighted in orange are the best places to park at the NE toy library branch. If you need assistance getting your toys to the library when crossing a street, please come in and ask us!



Check our calendar for hours to both locations.

Bus Trip Planner

Fill out this trip planner with your starting address and the address of one of our locations!


Inventory Committee

Our inventory committee helps with all things toys.  If you have a passion for organizing, have time to label toys at home, or have a background in early education, this committee is for you.  Contact our committee lead at

Outreach Committee

The outreach committee helps the toy library stay in touch with the community by organizing and attending different family friendly and eco focused events.  If you love to meet new people and/or know of a great event for the toy library to attend, please send our lead an email at


Get In Touch

South Minneapolis Toy Library branch email:

NE Minneapolis Toy Library branch email: 

Have a question?  Want to learn how to become a volunteer?  Have some toys to donate? Please contact us and we’ll respond as quick as possible.

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