What does our inventory look like?

We are excited to share with you some pictures and information about what kinds of toys we have in our collection.

Our toys and materials focus on the ages birth to age 5.  The materials are broken into different categories, which I have talked about before.  These categories are common areas that any early education classroom might focus on.  With 10 years of experience in that field, working in various child development centers, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about which toys are quality while also offering rich play for children.  Also, our organization focuses on buying toys that are durable (less likelihood they will need to go in the landfill due to breakage) and possibly made with eco friendly products.  Of course we also welcome donations from the community – another way to give those toys more mileage.

Here are some pictures of our inventory:

picture 2 toys

picture 3 toys

We are always thinking about new toys to add.  We talk with our members and see what their children are interested in and we also ask for suggestions.  We also will be adding more “discovery” type kits that offer children a variety of materials to explore different concepts.  For example a sink and float kit and a kit that explore color and light.  Also, we are beginning to add bigger ticket items, such as a trampoline, a slide, and some trikes.

Thanks for looking and happy playing!






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