What does FM – 11 even mean?

You might be curious as to what those letters and numbers are on the toy you are checking out. Why such a strange grouping of letters? Well, most letter or letters stands for a developmental domain. Some stand for an area of interest. The numbers are how many toys we have in that category. Here I’m sharing what each one is:

BG – Board Game

BL – Blocks

DP – Dramatic Play (cash register, dolls, and tea set)

FM – Fine Motor (lacing cards, stacking rings, and hammering bench)

L – Literacy (animal magnets, story telling blocks, and Three Little Pigs story props)

LM – Large Motor (Gonge River Stones, Wooden infant gym, and tunnel)

M/C – Mathematics and Cognitive (dominos, shape sorter, and geometric sorting toy)

Man – Manipulative (Clics and tools)

Mu- Music

Pu – Puzzles

Sc/S – Science and Sensory (Magnetic wand and shapes, textured balls, and bucket balance)

V- Vehicles

Now as you are browsing through toys you will understand our strange inventory system. In the future, when we acquire a space, this will most likely be the way we group the toys. We may add more as we see fit. Seeing some labels, such as FM and M/C, will help you to see what the developmental goal of that toy is. Others, such as Pu, well that’s a puzzle and there’s a whole lot you can learn from putting a puzzle together, but it’s much easier to just label it as a puzzle or Pu. ☺


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