Give to the Max 2020

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by.  The toy library is just that, a library for toys.  Families of young children become a member to borrow toys instead of buy new for their growing child.  This is an economically wise choice and also good for our planet.  Why buy new when you can SHARE!  

We continue to grow each year.  New families come in every month and are excited to try out all the toys.  We have nearly 4,000 toys!  Yes, that’s right!  We have cataloged and hand labeled that many toys.  Be believe so much in the libraries mission to be place where families can come together, where children can find age appropriate and safe toys to learn and grown, and of course to help preserve our Earth’s resources.  We love the service we offer and are doing well to make it happen each year.

The space we rent is bursting with wonderful toys.  BIG toys like slides, trampolines, strollers, lawnmowers, sleds, and large dollhouses.  We have been a resource for the community to drop off second hand toys, which will in turn get loved for years to come.  We do our very best to maximize every inch of the library.  Last year a volunteer created wall puzzle storage to hang our puzzles.  However with all these donations coming in we are finding it hard for our volunteers to manage the space safely as we are operating our curbside toy pick up option.  Volunteers pack up between 60 – 100 orders that are placed around the library space in bags and amongst all those toys.  With part of the room being occupied by large toys, we cram all those orders and volunteers into the other space.  If those big toys were hung on our last big open wall, we could have more space to work safely (and be socially distanced right now). When we do reopen to families they will also see this benefit.  

Our volunteer run, hard working toy library organization is looking for some support from you!  We are looking to raise $500 to buy wall mounted storage solutions for these toys and give us more space.  Then we can continue to serve more families, keep being a resource for toy donations, and operate safely.  

Please visit our Give to the Max fundraising page to learn more and donate. With everyone’s help, we can do it!

Thank you,

Rebecca and Kari