Curbside Toy Pick up


First off, we hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy.  We have been thinking about our toy library community a lot in the past couple months.  Just like you, our families have been learning how to handle a new norm; distance learning, financial stress, questioning how to go forward, and what the future will look like.  It’s a lot to think about.  We hope that you find moments to breath…truly deep breaths and look for the good around you.  We are thinking of you.   

Our toy library doors have been closed since March.  The toys are aching to be played with by kids.  We are working out a plan to make this possible!  We will be introducing curbside pick up starting June 13th.  Curbside toy pick up dates will be every second and fourth Saturday from 9 – 12 pm.  We will discontinue Monday and Wednesday events until further notice. 

There are many details we are ironing out, but until we update you again, here are some things you can do in the meantime:

  1. Locate all the pieces to your toys. Find the bags.  If you can’t find the bag, a replacement bag would be appreciated.
  2. If there are any toy issues such as missing pieces, lost pieces, damaged pieces, please write that down on a piece of paper and add to the toy bag.  We are not going to handle these issues at curbside toy pick up, but still want to know about them. We will email you if we have any questions.  Please email us if you need to replace a toy due to damage/loss.  We are counting on YOU to help us keep good care of our toys.
  3. CLEAN and SANITIZE your toys.  See our tab “Toy Cleaning Protocol.”
  4. Tape up any boxes or bags that have tears with clear tape.
  5. Take pictures of your toys.  We are working on taking pictures of all our toys – for later development of our software.  Look for an email from us (check your junk folder and if we are in there, add to your contacts to avoid this in the future).
  6. Put the toy library phone number in your phone – 651-324-3589.
  7. Update your calendar to reflect the new curbside toy pick up events.

We are excited to get you some new toys next month.  Stay tuned for more information about curbside events.


A rainbow spotted on our drive home from southern Minnesota.  A beautiful sight.  IMG_6338