Board Member Search

Are you passionate about community organizations and projects? Interested to see how an organization can go from a grassroots organization to the next level of being incorporated into the community as a vital resource for families and kids? Join us and help us make the Toy Library what it could be. We’re dreaming big: multiple locations, automated check-out/in process, online reservations, community events and education and operating as a non-profit organization.

Wondering if you’re the right fit for the board- consider the following:

  • You’re an experienced board member and know the ins and outs of board processes.
  • You are connected to educational resources.
  • You’re good with numbers.
  • You are great with strategic planning.
  • You have creative ideas and a can-do attitude.
  • You love the toy library and you want to see it thrive.
  • You’ve written a grant and know about the best practices.
  • You’ve started an organization before and know non-profit processes/policies.
  • You want to get involved in your community and see a board position as a great fit.

Email for more information. We’re delighted that you’re considering this volunteer position!


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