Connectagons – a toy for all ages

Have you checked out Connectagons from our collection?


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They are such a fun and open ended toy for children of all ages.  4 and 5 year olds will enjoy building and creating.  They offer sets that are themed, such as an under the sea collection or Connectagons that are in the shape of butterflies.  However, my 14 month old found a way to use them too!  I recycled a plastic peanut container for her to drop them into.  If you want to try it at your house it’s quite simple.

1 – find an empty plastic container with a lid that is made of soft plastic that can be cut with a kitchen knife

2 – cut a slit in the top.  I used the shape of a Connectagon to see how big I wanted it to be

3 – cut a piece out of the bottom of the container.  Big enough for that piece to fall out or for your child’s hand to grab it

4 – cover any rougher cut edges with tape

5 – find a place to tape it to a wall, chair leg, or just leave it on the floor.  I found my daughter was frustrated with it when it was on the floor, because it just fell over.  I taped it to the end of our wall with a LONG piece of packaging tape.

6 – keep a small bowl or basket of your Connectagons nearby.

(You could also cut a circle for balls to be dropped into. If you have a couple of containers you could have one for a small ball and one for a bigger ball.)

This is near our kitchen where I often am desperately trying to find activities to occupy her while I’m making dinner!





We have moved!

We have finally acquired a space for our toy library.  Beginning with our toy lending events on August 18th and August 20th, we will now be at Richfield Lutheran Church, 8 W 60th Street, Minneapolis.  Our entrance is on 60th and closest to Nicollet.  We will have signs on the door.  There is a parking lot across the street for the church that you can use.  The room is down one flight of stairs (you can leave your strollers in the entryway or carry them down).  The room is spacious and carpeted.  Our intention is that your child(ren) will feel comfortable to explore the space.


Here are some pictures of the day we moved in.  We were lucky enough to have the youth group help us move and organize the toys.  After a couple more days of work, it should be cleared out and ready to go!



Toys everywhere!


Toys on the shelf and organized!


Starting to come together.


If you’re interested in becoming a member, please check out our membership page for more information.  We can fill out your membership form at the event.  We look forward to seeing you!

~Rebecca, Molly, and Rosie


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